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This is a wonderful, action-packed, Christian-based book for teens. The main character, Barry, is a very likable young man that comes from an extremely poor family. You can't help but want to give him a good hot meal and a nice warm jacket! 

Diane F. - Barry Goupe

Amazon Review

Great book. I love the hero, he is human and lies, hacks, and does so much more for the family he only met once a week ago. The story line is engaging and fun to read. Seriously, I could not put this book down from chapter 3 onward. 

BlueCow - Barry Goupe

Amazon Review

Captivating story and very well written! Hoping for a sequel!

Amazon Customer


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Author Sean McClure

Author of Young Adult (YA) and Adult Christian Fiction in the Action and Romance Genre with two published books: BARRY GOUPE and RECOLLECTION. In my books you will not find profanity, rather clean storytelling with sweet romance interlaced with some page-turning action.

My passion for story telling started at a young age where I would tell stories to my younger cousins. My writing began decades later in a blog where I wrote short stories, primarily geared toward my three children.

My first book, BARRY GOUPE: In the Midst of Lies was published in 2014 in the Christian Young Adult (YA) genre. Eight years later RECOLLECTION was published. Now that my kids are grown, my writing focuses on clean Adult Christian Fiction.


Along with my wife and three dogs,  I reside in North Carolina where I'm a Senior Manager at a large corporation. In my spare time, after mowing the lawn, home improvement, watching the grandkids and spending time with family, I continue my passion for storytelling.


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